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the original infrared sauna makers

As the original creator of infrared sauna therapy , Health Mate Sauna continues to provide excellent craftsmanship and innovative technology; hand selected from 100% Western Red Cedar and patented infrared heaters, and crafted from nature to nurture.

Choosing the ‘Tree of Life’, cedar trees that no longer absorb as much CO2 are personally chosen and transformed into infrared products giving health and vitality for years to come. With every inch being used, Health Mate Sauna’s superior commitment to quality adheres to a strict certified process from beginning to end, creating a 100% green product. Learn More >>

Knowing the powerful healing benefits infrared sauna therapy can bring into one’s quality of life, Health Mate Sauna believes in natural healing infrared heat provides and empowers all with the wellness of their bodies with their custom crafted in home and outdoor collections of infrared saunas.